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Bromance (PG)

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Bromance (PG)

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Title: Bromance
Rating: PG
Author: eiregirl05
Characters/Pairings: Fargo,Zane, Zane/Jo, implied Fargo/Julia
Summary: Zane and Fargo could see a wonderful friendship coming along.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. You know that. :P lol

“So, wait, you’re rethinking having a relationship with Jo…again?” Fargo asked, leaning against the back of the chair he was sitting in.

“Yes.” Zane replied, sighing.

“You guys have a fight or…”

“Yeah, we did.” Zane put a plate of food in front of Fargo, before sitting down with his own plate. They were in Zane’s back yard, eating dinner. They were tired, but when Zane called Fargo, and Douglas heard the sound of sadness in his voice, he came right over. They had become , oddly enough, friends, in the past few months, and it was nice for both of them to finally have someone to talk to.

“And it was about whether or not you actually wanted to be in a relationship?” Fargo looked at him, concerned, as he popped a grape into his mouth from the bowl on the table.

“It’s more whether she wants to be in the relationship apparently.” The bitterness was not subtle at this point. It was clear that Zane was angry.

“Well…she has been through a lot. And in the other timeline, the other Zane had just proposed to her. It’s been a difficult transition.” He admitted. “For instance, in the other timeline, I had this girlfriend, Julia. Don’t give me that look.” Zane laughed at this. “Anyway, I looked her up in this timeline, and she has never been to Eureka, and is married to an astronaut.”


“Yeah. At least here, the love of Jo’s life is in Eureka and available.” Fargo winced as soon as he realized what he said. “Jo is going to murder me for that.”

“Wait…I…the other Zane…is the love of her life?” Zane sat up, staring at the odd man across the table from him.

“Yeah. She uh…told me one night soon after we got here to this timeline. Crap, if she finds out I told you she’ll kill me.”

“I won’t tell her, I promise.” Zane’s expression was surprisingly honest and true, and that made Fargo smile.

“I’m not saying that I totally agree with her though. I do think she’s overreacting just a bit. And I can understand why you are frustrated.”

“Thank you.”

“So, you said you had the new Bioshock game?”

“Yeah, I’m friends with one of the people who manufacture it.” Zane said, smiling.

“Can we…” Fargo nodded towards the sliding glass door that led to Zane’s living room.

“Yeah, sure.” Zane replied, laughing. “Come on, we’ll eat inside.”

The End.
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