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Tag Tale: "Who's the Boss?"

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Eureka Tag!

Tag Tale: "Who's the Boss?"

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Tag: "One Giant Leap", episode 4.20
Author: jeff_morris with powerful editing by kamiki_seto
Rating: G
Word Count: 653
Pairings: None
Disclaimer: This is an amateur, non-commercial story, which is not produced, approved of, or in any way sponsored by the holders of the trademarks/copyrights from which this work is derived, nor is it intended to infringe on the rights of these holders. And so it goes.
Warnings: I am a very, very bad man.
Summary: Subsequent to the events of the episode, there's a very big problem at Global Dynamics that needs to be resolved.

A weary Jack Carter walked into the Astraeus control room and greeted an even more weary Henry Deacon. “Anything?” he asked hopefully.

“Not yet,” Henry sighed. He reached for his eighth cup of coffee and sipped at it. “Did you get any rest?”

Carter shook his head. “I got Kevin, Jenna and the nanny settled into SARAH. By the time I was done with that…” He shrugged and nodded toward Henry’s cup. “I don’t suppose there’s any more of that around here, is there?”

“Help yourself. I think the pot’s getting refilled every half hour.” Henry turned toward his consoles, scowling. “Whoever is behind this covered his or her tracks very well. And unfortunately, Global’s best two hackers are among the missing.”

Carter returned, cup in hand. “Oh, I think we can guess who did this,” he said; Henry nodded grimly. “We’ll find them,” Carter continued quietly.

“Oh, I know we will, Jack. And when we do, as soon as I know Grace is all right I will personally take great delight in flensing…” A soft “ahem” caught Deacon in mid-sentence. “Good morning, Senator.”

Mikayla Wen nodded politely. “I must say, that’s the most original idea I’ve heard thus far, Doctor Deacon. And I’ve heard quite a few around here this morning.”

Henry had the good grace to look slightly embarrassed. “My apologies, Senator. It’s been a very long night.”

“Understood, Doctor, and no apologies necessary. Actually, I’m here to retrieve the Sheriff, here.” Wen turned toward Carter. “There are some matters we need to discuss. We’ll leave you to your work, Doctor Deacon.” And before Carter could protest, she’d managed to guide him back into the corridor.

“I understand your concern, Sheriff,” she said before Carter could say a word. “We all want the safe return of the Astraeus crew, and of course Doctor Blake as well. However, we must face the seriousness of our current situation. Global is currently without a director as well as a security chief.”

“Yeah, Jo took a leave of absence…” Carter began, but Wen cut him off curtly. “Ms. Lupo is being retrieved as we speak, but in the meantime you are the ranking security official in Eureka, and I need you to bring the new acting director up to speed.” They entered the elevator; Wen pressed the button that would take them to the executive level.

“New…director?” Carter managed to stammer out.

“Given Global Dynamics’ significance to the security of our nation, we cannot afford to allow a void in the top position of the company,” Wen continued. “Fortunately, we were able to secure someone familiar with the position and the situation.”


Wen smiled. “He was rather out of the mainstream for a time. Let me tell you, it took a miracle to get hold of him and bring him back. Once we explained the circumstances, though, he was more than willing to step into the breach.” She glanced over at a confused Carter. “Don’t worry, Sheriff. You’ve worked with him before. I’m sure you’ll work very well together.”

Carter’s heart sunk. There was only one name that came to mind, and he’d thought that Warren King had last been seen somewhere in the Antarctic. They must have been really desperate. Considering his memories of King, that was saying something. “Okay,” he sighed. “What do you need me to do, Senator?”

They stepped out of the elevator and headed for Fargo’s office. “For now, bring him up to speed on the situation and coordinate security concerns both here and in town,” Wen replied. She opened the door and motioned him inside. “He’s looking forward to working with you again, Sheriff.”

“I’ll bet…” Carter walked into the room and instantly froze in his tracks. He stared incredulously at the man standing before him. Words struggled to come out of his mouth. “You,” he finally stuttered.

Nathan Stark smiled. “Hey, Carter. Miss me?”

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