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Eureka Tag!

Season 5?

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Eureka Tag!

Season 5?

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I've had a SURPRISING number of questions regarding if I'll be kicking off a new round of eureka_tag tonight, and the answer is no, not really.

I really am surprised by the number of twitter messages and facebook PM's (and to be honest, really touched), because fandom has seemed really apathetic -- and let's face it, it's hard to get excited about the show that Syfy cancelled for no reason other than greed. The ratings were high, the sponsors have always backed it, but the show is expensive to make. They weren't willing to pay quarters for quality when they could produce reality crap for pennies. Sorry, I'll put the soapbox away now.

The big reason I'm not going forward with an official "Season 5" is the same reason it fell apart at the end of last season- no artists willing to do banners for the participants.

But, because I do enjoy the writing and the stories and it seems like there may have been some "hidden excitement", I am going to open the comm up to an "informal" season of Tag. I'll be uploading tags for the episodes and new characters as they come, and for the purists out there, feel free to race the clock every week and celebrate at the end! For those who just want to celebrate and enhance their final season viewing, feel free to continue posting throughout the season and beyond!

This has definitely been a lot of fun, and I plan on tagging in whenever inspiration strikes this season! Hope to see some of you out there!!
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