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Eureka Tag!

From the Cutting Room Floor...

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Challenge- Write a tag, missing or alternate scene to this week's episode of Eureka!
We're kicking off the Season 4.0 challenge!

The Challenge is to write a short tag, missing scene, or alternate scene for the episode aired that week on USA's SciFi Channel. The week's challenge opens for posting each week at Midnight EST after the episode and closes at 9pm EST on the following Friday, when the next episode airs.

Winners of the challenge who produce a fic for all ten weeks will be awarded bragging rights in the form of artwork for your lj!

To meet the requirements of the challenge, the fic must be:

--At least 100 words long
--A missing scene, episode tag, or alternate scene directly related to the episode.

No flames or intolerance will be allowed on this comm. If it occurs, the comments will be deleted, and the community member will be banned. While some fics may contain elements that you don't agree with, the header should warn you, and you don't have to read it.

All fics/art/pairings/ratings will be welcomed for the challenge!